Save up to 80% at your local pharmacy instantly.

LowerScript is a free app that gives you access to ready to use digital coupons, for your next prescription pick up.

Lowerscript_Apple_App Store_Pharmacy Dis
Lowerscript_Apple_App Store_Pharmacy Dis
Lowerscript_Apple_App Store_Pharmacy Dis

Want to check your price? 


"Where can I use LowerScript?" 

LowerScript is accepted at all major chain locations across the United States

1. Search
Using the app, search your prescription name, dosage and location. 
2. Select
Select a price at a pharmacy nearby and save or send your coupon.
You may need to ring ahead to move your prescription.
3. Save!
Head to the pharmacy and present your coupon to save!

Free Immediate Access to Rx Coupons

Downloading our free LowerScript App gives you instant coupons to present to your chosen pharmacy when you pick up your next prescription.

At the grocery store right now?

Download and find out how much you can save on your prescription instantly!

"I downloaded out of curiosity and I saved $30 at the pharmacy I normally go to! It was so easy!"


Hanna, Gig Harbor WA

Lowerscript_Apple_App Store_Pharmacy Dis

Jodi - Lakewood, WA

"I lost my job because of Covid, and then I found LowerScript which saved me $65 on my meds. Thank you!

  • No Monthly Fees

  • No Subscription

  • No Sign-Up Required

  • Immediate Coupon Access 

  • Share Coupons via Text or Email 

"How do you have such good pricing?" 

Great question! We partner with a company you may of heard of before, SingleCare. 

They can negotiate better rates, leaving us to focus on getting those discounts in to the hands of the communities we serve.  That is why LowerScript exists, to help our communities. 

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